Which desk to use for a Home Studio?

The choice of desk for a home studio is crucial for music productions. It is important to find a desk that fits the space available, that allows for optimal music production work and that is ergonomic for comfort.

There are several types of desks that can be installed in a home studio: A desk with audio rack storage, a DIY desk, free-standing 19″ rack storage units, a retractable desk to save space, or a sit-stand desk to avoid sitting too long.

What type of desk do you need? How much does it cost? Let’s take a look..

Desk with storage for audio racks

Les racks studio 19" permettent de stocker les équipements audio comme les préamplificateurs, les égaliseurs et les compresseurs, ainsi que les interfaces audio, les convertisseurs et les enregistreurs aux formats rack. Ils sont disponibles dans différentes tailles, mais la taille standard est de 19" (environ 48 cm) de largeur.

There are desks designed with standard 19″ audio rack storage, with 2 or more units installable usually on either side of the desk, under the computer monitors or under the desk.

Example of a desk with rack storage and 88-key keyboard(Oxford Studio Desk)

Some models are designed with dedicated space to install a master keyboard (up to 88 keys) in a drawer to leave room on the desk for the computer keyboard and mouse.

The speakers are also better positioned, being placed on the spaces for audio racks, allowing them to be at the right height and notably to avoid sound reflections on the desk.

This option favors ergonomics and optimizes the available space and is part of the professional solutions. However, you will have to pay a lot of money to have a high-end desk.


  • Semi-professional or professional solution
  • Pre-designed with standard rack storage
  • Relatively light
  • Transportable
  • Dismountable


  • Can be expensive depending on the type of product chosen
  • Not always very stable in the first prices
  • Do not support much weight
  • Can deteriorate after several disassemblies
  • Some models are quite expensive

19″ Rack Storage Cabinet

Example of a 12U rack storage unit

You can easily add small cabinets on wheels with storage for your 19″ racks to your existing desk, without having to buy a music production desk.

Studio racks are designed to be installed in desks specifically designed for them, but can also be integrated into shelving or free-standing storage units.

It is important to take measurements to ensure that you can fit them into your home studio and that you can slide them under the desk if necessary (and possible).


  • Less expensive than having to change your entire desk
  • Optimized for modularity
  • Easily movable


  • Impossible to install a master keyboard
  • Size does not always fit all studios or offices
  • Only designed to hold audio racks

Retractable desk

Retractable desks are a practical option for people who do not need a large workspace, prefer minimalism and have limited space in the room. The main advantage of these desks is that they can be folded quickly and simply to save space when not in use. Handy if you are using a laptop.

Here is an example of a reclosable desk:

However, it is important to consider the potential drawbacks of installing specific equipment and the lack of work surface before choosing this option. Indeed, it may not be possible to install equipment such as a piano keyboard or audio racks.

This solution is best suited for people with limited equipment and without an audio rack in a small room.


  • Quick and easy to fold
  • Saves space when not in use
  • Different models with several sizes available


  • Impossible to install a master keyboard or audio racks
  • Lack of work surface

Standing desk

Nous passons tous trop de temps devant nos écrans et nos corps n'apprécient pas les périodes trop longues en position assise ou sans bouger. La sédentarité est un mal qui touche toutes les personnes travaillant devant un écran d’ordinateur, et les risques à longs termes ne sont pas négligeables. Il est donc très important de prendre des mesures pour réduire la sédentarité. Il est conseillé de prendre des pauses régulières, toutes les 30 à 45 minutes, pour se lever et marcher un peu.

A solution to avoid sitting is the sit-stand desk. These desks have hydraulic jacks that adjust the height of the desk. You can preset positions to quickly change positions from the control box.

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These desks are specially designed for people who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens. They allow you to change positions and avoid the fatigue caused by prolonged sitting.

It is possible to add a treadmill underneath to work while walking. A treadmill allows you to stay active while working and this can help improve health, concentration and productivity. In addition, it can help improve blood flow and stimulate the brain, which in turn can improve focus and productivity.

However, these desks do not support a lot of heavy equipment, audio racks or drawers and its cost can be high. This type of desk will be recommended for people who do not have a lot of heavy equipment to install on their desk (e.g.: large amplified speakers + double wide screens + computer tower + mixer, etc). Otherwise, the motors may not be able to raise or lower the desk due to lack of power, or may not work anymore.


  • Prevents fatigue due to constant sitting position
  • Quick and easy position change with preset positions
  • It is possible to install a treadmill to work while walking


  • Does not support heavy equipment
  • No storage space for audio rack
  • No drawers
  • Can be expensive

Custom desk

It is possible to build a custom desk that is perfectly optimized for the room and makes the most of the available space. However, this option is only available to those who are capable of doing work in the room and have the woodworking skills and tools to do so. If you do not have the necessary skills and tools, it is better to hire a craftsman, which will increase the cost of making the office.

With this solution, you can build your own DIY (“Do It Yourself”) Studio Pro desk for half or a third of the price of a new commercially available desk. An idea to seriously consider if you want to do a conscientious and professional installation. You will be able to optimize the cable routing, the placement of the elements, the width of the desk, and all the dimensions required for your home studio. You will also be able to choose the materials of the desk, especially wood, which will be able to support heavy loads and will give an elegant finish to your Home Studio.

Avoid using laminate or chipboard boards, as these do not support disassembly and lateral movements well. The desk could deteriorate or break. Choose real wood, even if it is heavier, except for the worktop, which is very heavy, but very solid! Don’t hesitate to reinforce the corners of your desk with brackets, cleats or a flat bottom to prevent the boards from sagging and the parallelism from distorting, this is important for rigidity.

You can also install a slide-out drawer to hold your keyboard and mouse or an 88-key piano, which will save space. For the screen(s), choose an articulated arm to free up work space. You can, for example, place a mixer in place of the computer screen stand.


  • Maximized space saving
  • Good quality/price ratio if you do it yourself
  • 100% customizable
  • Will support a lot of weight
  • A craftsman will design a solid desk with a fully customizable finish


  • Requires construction skills and tools
  • Using a craftsman will easily double the price of the desk
  • Potential construction or design errors

Here is an example of what is possible to build with a budget of about $500 – €500

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In conclusion, choosing a desk for a home studio is an important decision that must be made based on many criteria, such as available space, budget and equipment needs. The different options presented in this article each offer their own advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to think carefully about your needs before making a final choice.

Whether you opt for a custom DIY desk or a desk with audio rack storage, the goal is to create a comfortable, ergonomic work environment that will allow you to focus on your passion for music production.


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